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  • Adapted painting for your wall.

    Do you want a painting that is adapted for your wall at home or in the company?

    Feel free to request a theme and color and we’ll see what we can solve.

    0705-67 61 50 // Adam Algotsson

  • Mural / Fine Art / Graffiti

    Do you want to paint directly on the wall at home or at the company’s entrance or the whole side of a building?
    Contact us with measurements and a picture of your wall and we will issue a quote shortly.
    This is some of my clients: Adobe, Spotify, Stendahls, Trafikverket, Transtema, Scandic, Brödernas, Rädningstjänsten, Sweden’s Municipalities and many, many more.
  • Workshop / Teambuilding

    I hold specially adapted workshops in how to paint with different materials such as acrylic, oil and spray paint (Graffiti).

    Get in touch and we can lock something that suits you.

    0705-67 61 59 // Adam Algotsson