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About Appear37

A short story about the artist.

My name is Adam Algotsson also called “Appear37” in the graffiti scene. Was born in 1993 and has always been interested in painting and creating since I could hold a pencil and Lego pieces. But it was in his early teens I became that it changed my life.

The new group of friends I got to high school quickly pulled me into hip hop element graffiti. Which suited me perfectly! Spray The fragrance combined with the cool places that you never otherwise have visited gave life more excitement.

Painted highly illegal in the beginning, but that changed after I got caught red-handed after being chased by three dogs and two police cars. Was only 14 years so was to go to Social Services once and nothing more with it. Started painting more and more on legal walls after this had fallen to spend time on the paintings and make them more and more sophisticated.

Started sketching seriously, not just sketch evenings with friends, but also every minute I had over it. Paintings on stretched canvas arrived shortly thereafter and people started showing interest in my art.

My first real job order was the home of a guy also named Adam. And it was his name that was written in his room with silvery text and black outlines. Once I was finished, so please his dad home that would pay for the job.

Then I saw who it was, his father was the police who had taken me down. He wanted to show me that the graffiti can give me a job instead of getting me into jail.

After this I have done over 100 custom orders!
February 2012 I bought her own business in order to perform work for companies.

What I am passionate about is the greater part of my income and it feels absolutely amazing!

The future looks bright, and colorful!

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