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Adam “Appear37” Algotsson, who is that?

Adam Algotsson is today a respected and established artist, born in 1993 known as his alias “Appear37” in the graffiti circles. But the road there was not as straight as nails, even though it was almost obvious.

Since Adam was able to hold a pencil and build with Lego for the first time, the interest in painting and creating has been there. But it wasn’t until he was a teenager that it changed his life. It wasn’t completely legal in the beginning and it pretty quickly had consequences with the law. However, Adam stuck more to painting pictures and taking his time with his works going forward.

He has been taking orders since the age of 13, it started with student signs, paintings and finally became wall paintings at the homes of families. He had to start a company in high school already to be able to invoice a gym he painted murals in and still has the same company today and works full time with his art practice.

In addition to that, he lectures about his artistry, holds workshops, paints large and small murals on facades in cities around Sweden, participates in festivals where he paints live as a performance, sometimes also abroad such as the Roskilde Festival.

It also happens that Adam gets to design wallpaper, coffee mugs, beer labels and other things that can be designed.

Regardless of whether the subject is Abstract or Concrete, Adam wants to create a nice rhythm, vibration and balance in the composition.

If one were to describe Adam’s artwork over the years, it has always been about colorful, swinging shapes with high contrasts in color and shape that can appeal to the eye, both from a distance and up close. It crackles, bounces and shoots out energy and takes over, but at the same time has some inner calm in it.

The inspiration for the creation comes directly from the speakers, the Music! It is what has given him the extra energy and rhythm in the works since the beginning. The fascination for the shapes of the instruments has always been there too. When Adam visited his father in 2021, he saw an old sketch framed on the wall with a saxophone, they have always been painted instruments.

Something new for Adam since 2020 is sculptures of reused instruments, which he has dreamed of doing for a long time. They seem to be here to stay as he sold most of them but it remains to be seen what path he takes in the future.


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